Hydro KL – hydroseeding glue

///Hydro KL – hydroseeding glue

HYDRO KL – hydroseeding glue – natural polymer (vegetable glue) characterised by high adhesion to soil and good water absorption.

After the glue is added to water, it creates gel around cellulose fibre, fertiliser and grass seeds, which reinforces hydroseeding coat and prevents leaching of materials in case of heavy rainfalls or strong wind.

UV rays cause its slow decomposition. It does not affect pigments used for hydroseeding.


  • hydroseeding 2 kg/ 1000L of water
  • admixture of hydro humus 4 kg/ 1000L of water
  • hydro coat 8 kg/ 1000L of water

PACKAGING: bag of 25 kg or can of 20L