ThermoMC cellulose wool

//ThermoMC cellulose wool

ThermoMC cellulose wool is our newest product, and it is used for thermal insulation of buildings. It is the first product of such type on the Polish market and it was introduced to the market in compliance with Polish Norm PN-EN 15101-1:2013.

The product’s compliance with the norm and its parameters are confirmed by the National Declaration of Conformity and reports on tests conducted by the Construction Technology Institute.

Ecological material

Cellulose wool is an ecological material produced on the basis of waste paper. The product has undergone numerous examination to conform its compliance with the Polish Norm.

To insulate ventilated flat roots and chamfered attics by means of blowing method, we recommend ProAgro’s ThermoMC cellulose wool made of selected types of paper cellulose characterised by a thermal conductivity coefficient from λ = 0.036 to λ = 0.039 W/(m*K). We guarantee the highest quality of our product.

ThermoMC cellulose wool is the highest quality product, which is confirmed by tests performed in the Construction Technology Institute in Warsaw, which fully guarantees that the product is legitimate and all its technical parameters at the top level.

Our cellulose insulation has a sanitary attestation issued by the National Institute of Hygiene. 

Default impregnation

Thanks to default protection against bacteria, mould, fungi, insects and rodents, it is not considered food by them. Thanks to B-s2-d0 fire rating class, it guarantees product inflammability. Blown cellulose insulation is characterised by a very high fire rating class, due to low thermal conductivity of cellulose itself, it prevents fire spreading. Cellulose is an interesting insulation material that is not burned but subject to slow carbonisation. The fact that ThermoMC does not melt and it produces small amounts of vapours and smoke is important information for life and health of humans.

ThermoMC cellulose wool is an ecological material and thanks to its fibrous structure, it may absorb humidity up to 15% of its volume. Cellulose wool belongs to the few materials that are not damaged permanently in result of exposure to moisture, thanks to which vapour barrier is not required (but may be used).

Cellulose is a light insulation material, thanks to which in case of loose feeding 1m3 weighs only 25-30 kg. It easily enters every crack and adjusts to all shapes of insulated areas.

We maintain constant inventories of ThermoMC wool. 
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