Designing and construction of machines

//Designing and construction of machines

Besides waste processing, ProAgro also designs and constructs industrial machines and devices. Due to difficulties to acquire specialist waste processing equipment, for several years we have constructed them on our own. Long-term experience and qualified staff guarantee that our devices are carefully produced and reliable. All produced machines have CE marks.

Our company specialises in construction of:

– hydraulic compressors: hydraulic pallet presses, hydraulic packing machines,

– belt dyers.

We design and produce machines and devices, technological lines that enable automation of production processes. Our workshop is equipped with professional equipped in professional tools and instrumentation, and thanks to this we can face all challenges.

We are able to fulfil any challenge given to us by most demanding customers. Compressors and presses are used for packing of bulk products in plastic bags. We construct prototypes and nonstandard devices that are not offered by other European companies. All machines are customized.

You can see and test devices in our premises.