Hydro RG – fertiliser

///Hydro RG – fertiliser

HYDRO RG – fertiliser – consisting of multiple ingredients, organic and mineral fertiliser used for hydroseeding and admixture of hydro humus.

The main feature of HYDRO RG is large content of organic and mineral food components that are evenly absorbed by plants (which prevents from their penetration into deeper layers of soil).

HYDRO RG  is used for traditional hydroseeding and is the best product to be used for admixture of hydro humus (this technology enables establishment of green areas on wastelands deprived of organic materials).

NOTE: admixture of hydro humus is possible only with organic fertilisers!!!


  • hydroseeding 800kg – 1200kg/ha
  • admixture of hydro humus 1200kg – 1800kg/ha

PACKAGING: plastic bags – 20kg (a pallet – 30 bags)