Hydro MC – mulch

HYDRO MC – mulch – is a composition of cellulose fibre made of wood and paper, with a unique differentiated structure consisting of long and short fibre, which ensures perfect reinforcement of surface.

HYDRO MC  is used as cover of the surface by means of hydroseeding in order to ensure proper conditions for protection and growth of grass seeds.

Mulch creates a layer on the soil surface that prevents from erosion of soil, leaching and blowing off seeds and organic materials from soil.

It ensures appropriate moisture that is necessary in the process of germination of grass seeds. Moreover, mulch creates a layer that significantly prevents weed from growing.

The mulch property ensuring “reinforcement” of soil surface is used for reinforcing of embankments and dykes, in particular in places that are not easily accessible.

Mulch is biodegradable in time and it delivers necessary organic material being the main soil forming factor.


  • Flat land 900 – 1200kg / ha
  • embankments and dykes 1500 –1800kg / ha

PACKAGING: plastic bags – 15kg


NOTE: the volume of mulch used depends mainly on land relief and category of soil. Also weather conditions, such as too much exposure to sun, too low or too high temperatures are an essential element that affect the volume of mulch used. In such cases you should base on experience of hydroseeding professionals