Pro-Press 2 hydraulic pallet press

///Pro-Press 2 hydraulic pallet press

ProAgro produces packing machines. The aim of the press is to compress packings (bags), shape them properly for a pallet and reduce height of a pallet. A press may be used for packing of bulk materials, etc.

Usefulness of a packing machine in specific conditions and detailed conditions of its proper use are defined on individual basis by a producer on the basis of data provided by a user, with particular attention to parameters of materials to be packed, especially their ingredients, consistency, bulk density.

Technical data of a press presented on the picture:

  • width [mm] – 1660
  • height [mm] – 4300
  • length [mm] – 1650
  • steering: supply and control box
  • power demand: 2.2 kW
  • hydraulic aggregate performance 6.7 L/min
  • capacity of hydraulic oil tank 12 L
  • hydraulic oil type: Hydro HV 46
  • range of work temperatures: 0oC-50oC
  • motor voltage: 230/400V AC 50 Hz
  • regulated hydraulic fluid pressure: within the range up to 180 bar

It is possible to test the press in our premises with your material (euro basis 120×80 cm).

Upon an order we may build a customized press. We can build a pallet compression press on any base, as required by a Customer.

Functioning of the device is presented in the following scheme: