Pro-Pack 2 hydraulic packing machine

///Pro-Pack 2 hydraulic packing machine

ProAgro produces hydraulic packing machines. A packing machine is aimed to compress materials, shape them into cuboids and pack ready products into plastic bags. A packing machine may be used for packing bulk products, granulates, etc. The machine enables packing of materials into bags of the following dimensions: 380+2x160x1200 (or another dimension specified by a Customer).

Usefulness of a packing machine in specific conditions and detailed conditions of its proper use are defined on individual basis by a producer on the basis of data provided by a user, with particular attention to parameters of materials to be packed, especially their ingredients, consistency, bulk density.

Technical data of a packing machine:

  • width [mm] – 850
  • height [mm] – 3750
  • length [mm] – 4240
  • performance: 1-4 bags/min
  • steering: supply and control box
  • power demand: 11,0 kW
  • hydraulic aggregate performance 43 L/min
  • capacity of hydraulic oil tank 180 L
  • hydraulic oil type: Hydro HV 46
  • range of work temperatures: 0oC-50oC
  • motor voltage: 400V 50 Hz
  • regulated oil flow: yes
  • regulated hydraulic fluid pressure: within the range of 130-220 bar

It is possible to test the packing machine in our premises with your material.

The parameters of the machine may be adjusted to your needs and requirements, we will be glad to help you to select a suitable solution.

Functioning of the device is presented in the following scheme: