ProAgro is a producer of belt dryers for granulates, grain, sawdust. Devices are customized according to orders of Customers. Belt dimensions (length and width) as well as speed is adjusted to customer’s needs.

One-wing door are installed on the front wall of a dryer for the purpose of product input and output. Hot air is pressed into a dryer from the top, and it is directed sprightly to four trays, which redirect the air streams to four conveyor belts. Damp air is removed through the upper chimney (outlet ducts). Speed of conveyor belts is regulated by means of a gear motor. Dried product leaves a dryer through the doors located in the front wall.

Dryer capacity depends on a type of dried material and its initial moisture (ca. 250-1500 kg/h).

The device does not contain a heat source.

Functioning of the device is presented in the following scheme: