Why is it good?

Why using ThermoMC cellulose wool is good:

  • Jointless assembly of insulation of any thickness and no waste material when using the pneumatic blowing method
  • Protection against cold temperatures due to fibrous structure
  • Protection against building heating in summer due to large thermal capacity of the material
  • Efficient fire protection
  • Condensate protection of the structure thanks to moisture absorption; cellulose wool may absorb up to 15% of its volume
  • Resignation from chemical wood protection; the material protects structures thanks to mineral salts that are used for impregnation
  • Ecology – it is produced from renewable raw materials
  • You do not need to worry about noise; ThermoMC cellulose provides very good noise insulation thanks to its fibrous structure and a large amount of air “captured” therein
  • The product conforms with a new norm PN-EN 15101-1
  • The products has Sanitary Attestation no HK/B/1333/01/2015
  • Fire classification  1575/15/Z00NP
  • Cellulose wool is excellent to use in buildings (one-family houses, blocks of flats, energy-efficient buildings), historical buildings, production halls, residential estates